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Exhibitor's Guide 2020
Booth reservation rules
Only regular lumber manufacturer members can benefit from the "member" rate. Associate members must pay the non-member exhibitor rate as shown below.

Booth selection is only possible once full payment has been received. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to select their booth with the information sent by email by the organizers. No space reservation is possible before full payment.

If an exhibitor selects the "member" rate and is not entitled to it, the selection of its booth location will be withdrawn. Full payment of the new invoice is required before a new booth location can be selected. The organizers cannot be held responsible if the first booth space selected is no longer available, the organizers can not be held responsible.

As the person responsible for the choice of your booth location, the exhibitor must take into account the presence of competitors, regardless of whether they choose their location before or after. If the exhibitor wants to change location, they must communicate with the organizers.
To reserve a booth: click here.
Each booth includes space, electricity, a counter and, two stools. It will be possible to order more furniture if needed.

Three booth sizes are available: 6 x 8, 8 x 8 and 10 x 8. All sizes are the same price. First come, first served.
Non-member price: 1670 $C plus taxes
Regular lumber manufactuers members of one of the host associations price: 1170 $C plus taxes

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Booth 71


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