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Registered companies at the 2018 Convention
(up-dated March 22, 2018)
84 Lumber, Pennsylvania, United States
9221-0699 Québec Inc., Quebec Canada
AFA Forest Products, Ontario, Canada
Airmedic, Quebec, Canada
Airstrar, California, United States
Alpa Forest Products, Ontario, Canada
Almassa International, Quebec, Canada
America International Forest Products, Oregon, United States
AmeriCan Structures, Quebec, Canada

American Wood Technology, Georgia, United States
Andritz Iggesund Tools, Quebec, Canada
Arbec, Lumber, Quebec, Canada
Arkansas Wholesale Lumber, Arkansas, United States
Arman Cabinet, Iran
Armand Duhamel et fils, Quebec, Canada
Armtec, Quebec, Canada
Association forestière de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Quebec, Canada
Atlantic Forestry Review, Nova Scotia, Canada
Autolog, Quebec, Canada
AutomaTech Robotik, Quebec, Canada
Axis Corner, India
Axis Planning Japan, Japan
Babu Ram Saw Mills, India
Backyard Products, Michigan, United States
Barco Materials Handling, Ontario, Canada
Barrette, Quebec, Canada
B.B. Paletts, Quebec, Canada
BC Wood, British Columbia, Canada
Bégin et Bégin, Quebec, Canada
Benoit et Dionne Produits forestiers, Quebec, Canada
BFL Canada, Risk Management & Insurance, Quebec, Canada
BID Group, British Columbia, Canada
Biewer Lumber, Michigan, United States
Birmingham International Forest Products, Alabama, United States
Blanchet Multi Concept, Quebec, Canada
BlueLinx, Georgia, United States
BM Lumber 7, Quebec, Canada
BMC, North Carolina, United States
BMR, Quebec, Canada
Bois Aisé de Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Bois Bonsaï, Quebec, Canada
Bois franc Cambium, Quebec, Canada
Bois Forex Canada, Quebec, Canada
Bois Indifor, Quebec, Canada
Bois Lemay, Quebec, Canada
Bois Littoral, France
Bois Péladeau, Quebec, Canada
Bois SPEC Wood, Quebec, Canada
Boise Cascade, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan and New Hampshire, United States
Boris Bois, Cameroun
Boscus Canada, Quebec, Canada
Bramwood Forest, Ontario, Canada
Breeze Dried, Ontario, Canada
Brunswick Valley, New Brunswick, Canada
Buchanan Sales, Ontario, Canada
Buckeye Pacific, Oregon, United States
Builders FirstSource, Texas, United States
C.A. Spencer, Quebec, Canada
Cabinets Arya-Decor, Iran
Cambiumex, Quebec, Canada
Canada Economic Development, Quebec, Canada
Canada Pallet, Ontario, Canada
Canadian Engineered Wood Products, Alberta, Canada
Canadian Forest Industries, Ontario, Canada
Canadian Pacific Railway, Quebec, Canada
Canadian Wood Council, Ontario, Canada
CanAm, Quebec, Canada
Canadian Wood Products, Quebec, Canada
Canfor, British Columbia, Canada
Canoe Forest Products, British Columbia, Canada
CanWel Building Materials, British Columbia and Quebec, Canada
Capital Forest Products, Maryland, United States
Carbotech International, Quebec, Canada
Carrier Lumber, British Columbia, Canada
Carter Forest Products, Alberta, Canada
Castle Building Centers, Ontario, Canada
Cathild, Quebec, Canada
CDE Solutions Informatiques, Quebec, Canada
Cecobois, Quebec, Canada
Cedar Creek, North Carolina, United States
Cedrico Lumber, Quebec, Canada
Central Maine and Quebec Railway, Quebec and Maine, Canada
Centurion Lumber, British Columbia, Canada
Cersosimo Lumber, Vermont, United States
Channel-x Trading Corporation, British Columbia, Canada
Chantiers Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada
CME Group, Illinois, United States
CN, Quebec, Canada
CNRC-PARI, Quebec, Canada
Coast Fraser, British Columbia, Canada
Compte-Fournier, Quebec, Canada
Conception R.P., Quebec, Canada
Conifex Timber, British Columbia, Canada
Consultants forestiers DGR, Quebec, Canada
Copeaux Kyling, Quebec, Canada
Conservation Forestry, New Hampshire, United States
Cook County Lumber, Illinois, United States
Cushman Lumber, New Hampshire, United States
CWP Industriel, Quebec, Canada
Dakeryn Industries, British Columbia, Canada
DeGroat Industrial Group, New Jersey, United States
Delco Forest Products, New Brunswick, Canada
Dendrotik, Quebec, Canada
Distribuidora de Tableros y Maderas de Oriente, Mexico City, Mexico
Distribution Cardinal, Quebec, Canada
DK Spec, Quebec, Canada
Do It Best, Indiana, United States
DMS Marquage  Codage, Quebec, Canada
DO2, Quebec, Canada
Dunkley Lumber, British Columbia, Canada
DV Hardwood, Quebec, Canada
Eacan Timber, Nova Scotia, Canada
Eacom Timber Corporation, Quebec, Canada
Eagle Timber, Finland
Eastern Engineered Wood Products, Vermont and Pennsylvania, United States
Edgewood Wood Products, British Columbia, Canada
École de foresterie de Duchesnay, Quebec, Canada
Elof Hansson, New Jersey, United States
Éloi Moisan, Quebec, Canada
EMB, Quebec, Canada
Emballages AT, Quebec, Canada
Emballages Creopak, Quebec, Canada
Emballage Logipack, Quebec, Canada
Embassy of Canada, China
Euler Hermes, Quebec, Canada
Export Development Canada, Ontario, Canada
Export Outaouais, Quebec Canada
Export Québec, Quebec, Canada
Falcon Lumber, Ontario, Canada
Fasken Martineau, Quebec, Canada
FCTG Structured Products, Manitoba, Canada and Colorado United States
Fibra de Caña Mexicana, Mexico
FLW International, New Jersey, United States
Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Quebec, Canada
Fontaine, Quebec, Canada
Foothills Forest Products, British Columbia, Canada
Fordaq, France
Forest Commodities Board, Alberta, Canada
Forest Industries Intelligence, United Kingdom
Forest Products Association of Canada, Ontario, Canada
Forex, Quebec, Canada
Formabois, Quebec, Canada
FPInnovations, Quebec, Canada
Freneco, Quebec, Canada
Fromm Packaging System Canada, Ontario, Canada
Gestion Solifor, Quebec, Canada
Gilbert, Quebec, Canada
Giguère et Morin, Quebec, Canada
Global Affairs Canada, Mexico
Goodfellow, Quebec, Canada
Great Lakes Forest Products, Indiana, United States
Groupe Crête, Quebec, Canada
Groupe G.D.S., Quebec, Canada
Groupe Lebel, Quebec, Canada
Groupe Morneau, Quebec, Canada
Groupe Océan, Quebec, Canada
Groupe Robert, Quebec, Canada
Groupe Savoie, New Brunswick, Canada
Groupe TYT, Quebec, Canada
Guadiana Maderas y Materiales, Mexico
G.W. King Forest Products, New Hampshire, United States
H.S. Bartram (1984), Ontario, Canada
Hampton, Oregon, United States
Hancock Lumber, Maine, United States
HCL Logistics, Ontario, Canada
HewSaw, Quebec, Canada
Holden Humphrey, Massachusets, United States
Home Hardware Stores, Alberta and Ontario, Canada
Hoover Treated Wood Products, Georgia, United States
Hornepayne Lumber, Ontario, Canada
Hout Info Bois, Belgium
Hub International, Ontario, Canada
HumEng, Quebec, Canada
Huber Engineered Woods, North Carolina, United States
IBC, International Bar Coding Systems & Consulting, British Columbia, Canada
Idaho Timber, Idaho, United States
IDCAM, Quebec, Canada
IFP Canada, British Columbia, Canada
Industries P.F., Quebec, Canada
Integrated Freight Networks, Quebec, Canada
Interfor, British Columbia, Canada
International Beams, Florida, United States
International Forest Products LLC, Massachusetts, United States
International Wood Industries, Ontario, Canada
INTL FCStone, Illinois and Missouri, United States
Ipsos, Ontario, Canada
J.D. Irving, Limited, New-Brunswick, Canada
J.M. Champeau, Quebec, Canada
Jamec, Quebec, Canada
Jemisa Packaging Solutions/Consultants for Epak, Quebec, Canada
Kalesnikoff Lumber, British Columbia, Canada
Kebois, Quebec, Canada
Kennebec Lumber, Maine and New Hampshire, United States
Kenora Forest Products, Ontario, Canada
Kent Building Supplies, New Brunswick, Canada
Khaled and Ziad Younes/Badwi Wood, Jordan
Kibo, Japan
Koch Pulp & Paper Trading, Texas, United States
Kott, Ontario, Canada
Kruger, Quebec, Canada
Kuehne + Nagel, Quebec, Canada
Kullik & Rullmann, New York, United States
Laboratoire PRimatech, Quebec, Canada
Lake Scugog Lumber, Ontario, Canada
Lamco Forest Products, Quebec, Canada
Langevin Forest Products, Massachusetts, United States
Lauzon Planchers de Bois Exclusifs, Quebec, Canada
Lavern Heideman & Sons, Ontario, Canada
LBC Capital, Quebec, Canada
LBM Advantage, New York, United States
Les Bois Dany Bernier, Quebec, Canada
Les Bois de plancher PG, Quebec, Canada
Les bois d'oeuvre Beaudoin Gauthier, Quebec, Canada
Les Bois du Fjord, Quebec, Canada
Les bois Jacques Voyer, Quebec, Canada
Les Bois Variés, Quebec, Canada
Les Industries P.F., Quebec, Canada
Les produits forestiers Boréal, Quebec, Canada
Les séchoirs à bois St-Roch, Quebec, Canada
Les Structures Ultratec, Quebec, Canada
Liftrac, Quebec, Canada
LINCK, Germany
Livingston International, Ontario, Canada and Vermont, United States
Lonza Wood Protection, British Columbia, Canada
Lovepac, Quebec, Canada
Lowe's Canada, Quebec, Canada
Lucidyne, Oregon, United States
Lulumco, Quebec, Canada
Lumber Technology Corporation, New Jersey, United States
Lumbermen Associates, Pennsylvania, United States
LumberXchange, Illinois, United States
Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation, Pennsylvania, United States
Maderas Finas y Chapas Europeas, Mexico
Maderas Guadiana-Gonzalez, Mexico
Maderas La Curva, Mexico
Madereria Zona Norte, Mexico
Madison Lumber Mill, New Hampshire, United States
Magnum Forest Products, Manitoba, Canada
Maibec, Quebec, Canada
Marex, Quebec, Canada
Mariotti Building Products, Pennsylvania, United States
Maritime Lumber Bureau, Nova Scotia, Canada
Matériaux Blanchet, Quebec, Canada
Matériaux Bomat, Quebec, Canada
Matériaux Dupuis, Quebec, Canada
Marsh Canada, British Columbia, Canada
Marwood, New Brunswick, Canada
McCorry, Hong Kong
Mercer Timber, British Columbia, Canada
Mesbois, Quebec, Canada
Messco Building Supply, New York, United States
Metrigard, Washington, United States
Midway Lumber Mills Ltd., Ontario, Canada
Millbrook Lumber, Massachusets, United States
Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation, Quebec, Canada
Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, Quebec, Canada
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Ontario, Canada
Mishtuk Corporation / Nabakatuk, Quebec, Canada
Mohd. Ibrahim Haji Trading, United Arab Emirates
Montréal Economic Institute, Quebec, Canada
MRC de Pontiac, Ontario, Canada
MSC Marketing Solutions, British Columbia, Canada
Mudata, France
National Bank, Quebec, Canada
National Research Council of Canada, Industrial Research Assitance Program, British Columbia, Canada
National Hardwood Magazine, Tennessee, United States
National Lumber Grades Authority, British Columbia, Canada
Natural Resources Canada, Ontario, Canada
NAWLA, Illinois, United States
NEOFOR, Ontario, Canada
NHLA, Quebec, Canada
Nicholson, British Columbia, Canada
Nicholson and Cates, Ontario, Canada
Ningbo Clingmans Import Export, China
Nordic Structures, Quebec, Canada
Norfolk Southern Railway, Quebec, Canada
North American Forest Products, Michigan, United States
North American Forest Products, New Brunswick, Canada
North Star Forest Materials, Minnesota, United States
Norwood Industries, New Jersey, United States
Nova Scotia Natural Resources, Nova Scotia, Canada
NVR Building Products, Pennsylvania, United States
Olympic Industries, British Columbia, Canada
Ontario Forest Industries Association, Ontario, Canada
Ontario Lumber Manufacturers Agency, Ontraio, Canada
Owens Corning InterWrap, Quebec, Canada
OWL Distribution, Ontario, Canada
Papiers WhiteBirch, Quebec, Canada
Parsey Carpentry, Iran
Patriot North America, Minnesota, United States
Paul Vallée, Quebec, Canada
PBL Insurance Limited, Ontario, Canada
Phoenix Forest Products, Ontario, Canada
Piché, Quebec, Canada
Picolo Vélo, Quebec, Canada
Pleasant River Lumber, Maine, United States
Polytechnique Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Preverco, Quebec, Canada
Primewood, Quebec, Canada
Produits forestiers DG, Quebec, Canada
Produits forestiers Petit Paris, Quebec, Canada
Produits forestiers Résolu, Quebec, Canada
Produits forestiers Tabula, Quebec, Canada
Produits forestiers Temrex, Quebec, Canada
Prolam, Quebec, Canada
Prologic+, Quebec, Canada
Quebec Forest Industry Council, Quebec, Canada
Quebec Wood Export Bureau, Quebec, Canada
Ramdom Lengths, Oregon, United States
RBC Capital & Markets, Ontario, Canada
Reading & Northern RR, Pennsylvania, United States
Recast Waste Corp., Quebec, Canada
Rembos, Ontario, Canada
René Bernard, Quebec, Canada
Ressources Lumber, Quebec, Canada
Richmond International Forest Products, Virginia, United States
Rising-Star Commercial, Ontario, Canada
Rona, Quebec, Canada
Roosevelt Energy, Minnesota, United States
Russin Lumber, New York, United States
RYAM Lumber, Ontario, Canada
S. Huot, Quebec, Canada
Saify Commercial Establisment, Pakistan
SAM Commercial, Georgia, United States
Samuel Packaging Group, Ontarion, Canada
San Industries, British Columbia, Canada
Sawquip International, Quebec, Canada
Scierie Dion et fils, Quebec, Canada
Scierie Girard, Quebec, Canada
Scierie Landrienne, Quebec, Canada
Scierie West-Brome, Quebec, Canada
Scott Forest Products, Ontario, Canada
Seabord International Forest Products, New Hampshire, United States
Séchoir Mec, Quebec, Canada
Sexton Group, Ontario, Canada
Sherwood Lumber, New York, United States
Signode Indstrial Group, Ontario, Canada
Sinclar Group Forest Products, British Columbia, Canada
Sitka Forest Products, Quebec, Canada
Skana Forest Products, British Columbia, Canada
Seabord International Forest Products, New Hampshire, United States
Soanbert, Ontario, Canada
South-East Lumber, North Carolina, United States
Stella-Jones, Quebec, Canada
Still River Lumber, Connecticut, United States
Strong Worth Group, Ontario, Canada
Structural Building Components Association, Wisconsin, United States
Structural Component Systems, Nebraska, United States
SupPLYwood, Ontario, Canada
Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Washington DC, United States
Taiga Building Products, British Columbia, Canada
Taiga International Sales, Ontario, Canada
Tall Tree Lumber, Ontario, Canada
Tampa International Forest Products, Florida, United States
Tanguay Machinery, Quebec, Canada
Tarpin Lumber, Ontario, Canada
Teufelberger, Austria
The Building Center, North Carolina, United States
The Working Forest, Ontario, Canada
Tiiianjin Jia Lei Real Estate Development, ChinaTimber Mar, Qubec, Canada
Timber Marts, Quebec, Canada
Total Pallet Solutions, Ontario, Canada
Tolko Marketing and Sales, British Columbia, Canada
TradeTec, British Columbia, Canada
Transformation de bois CBV, Quebec, Canada
Transports M. Charette, Quebec, Canada
Tri-State Forest Products, Ohio, United States
Tulnoy Lumber, New York, United States
Twin Rivers, Maine, United States
Uniboard Canada, Quebec, Canada
Union Pacific Railroad, British Columbia, Canada
Universal Forest Products, Colorado, United States
US LBM, Minnesota, United States
USNR Söderhamn Erikson, Quebec, Canada
Utah Lumber, Utah, United States
VAB Solutions, Quebec, Canada
Vanport Intl., Oregon, United States
Vallée, Quebec, Canada
Veer Plastics, Quebec, Canada
Velarde Trading, Quebec, Canada
Velcan Forest Products, Ontario, Canada
Vexco, Quebec, Canada
Viking Forest Products, Minnesota, United States
Vinpac Lines, Quebec, Canada
W.J. Jones, Quebec Canada
Wellons FEI, Quebec, Canada
West Fraser, British Columbia, Canada
Weston Forest, Ontario, Canada
White River Forest Products, Ontario, Canada
Wing, Japan
Wood Look Interriors, India
Wood Markets, British Columbia, Canada
Woodbrowser, United States
WoodPro Software, British Columbia, Canada
WSP, Quebec, Canada
Zeeland Lumber and Supply, Massachusets, United States
Zhejiang Materials Industry Senhua Group, China



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