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The cost of early-bird registration is CAD $295 plus applicable taxes. After January 19, 2018, the regular cost of registration is CAD $375 plus applicable taxes. Click here to register.

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This  year, it is possible to register for the activities of Thursday March 22 only. This package of CAD $125 plus applicable taxes includes:
- short seminar on human resources
- seminar on hardwoods
- morning break
- exhibitors hall
- buffet lunch
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The list of participants can be sent upon request to registered participants at the 2017 Convention. Please send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registered companies at the 2017 Convention
84 Lumber, United States
Acier Marquis, Canada
AFA Forest Products, Canada
Affaires mondiales, Canada
Aiboni Construction Enfineering (Tainjin), China
Airex Energy, Canada
Airstar, United States
Allied Building Stores, United States
Alpa Forest Products, Canada
American International Foerst Products, United States
American Wood Council, Canada
American Wood Technology, United States
Andritz Iggesund Tools, Canada
Anglo-Norden Foerst Products, United Kingdom
Arbec, Canada
Arling Lumber, United States
Asc, Canada
ASPI Sp. z o.o., Poland
Auca Structure, Canada
Autolog, Canada
Axis Planning, Canada
B.B. Paletts, Canada
Backyard Products, United States
Barco Materials Handling, Canada
Barette Chapais, Canada
Barrette Wood, Canada
Bay Brokerage, United States
BC Wood Specialties Group, Canada
Beau-site paysagiste, Canada
Beaudoin et Gauthier, Canada
Bégin & Bégin, Canada
Bellevue Builders Suppliers, United States
Benoît & Dionne Forest Products, Canada
BFL Canada, Canada
BID Group of Companies, Canada
Biewer Lumber, United States
BioCorp, Canada
Bluelinx, United States
BM Lumber 7, Canada
BMC, United States
Bois Aisé de Montréal, Canada
Bois d'oeuvre Cedrico, Canada
Bois Indifor, Canada
Bois Lemay, Canada
Bois Martek, Canada
Bois Péladeau, Canada
Bois Variés, Canada
Boisaco, Canada
Boise Cascade, United States
Bonsaï Lumber, Canada
Boro Sawmill and Timber, United States
Boscus Canada, Canada
Bramwood Forest, Canada
Brunner-Hildebrand Lumber Dry Kiln, Canada
Brunswick Valley Lumber, Canada
Buchanan Sales, Canada
Building Products Digest/The Merchant Magazine, United States
Buckeye Pacific, United States
Bureau de normalisation du Québec, Canada
ByGoodwill Trade Management, China
Cambium Hard Wood, Canada
Cambridge Global Payments, Canada
Canada Just Development Company, Canada
Canada Pallet, Canada
Canadian Engineered Wood Products, Canada
Canadian Forest Industries, Canada
Canadian Forest Products, Canada
Canadian Forest Service/Natural resources Canada, Canada
Canadian Parliament, Canada
Canadian Wood Council, Canada
Canadian Wood Products, Canada
Canfor, Canada
Canoe Forest Products, Canada
CanWel Building Materials, Canada
Carbotech, Canada
Carrier Lumber, Canada
Carter Forest Products, Canada
Castle Building Centres Group, Canada
Celsius Sales and Marketing Management, Canada
Centre for Industrial Studies, Italy
Cersosimo Lumber, United States
CH Robinson, Canada
Chantiers Chibougamau, Canada
Chapuman Door Sales Tianjin, China
CIBC World Markets, Canada
Clermond Hamel,Canada
CME Group, United States
CMPC USA, Unted States
CMQ Railway, Canada
CN, Canada
Copeaux Kyling, Canada
CP Rail, Canada
Coast Fraser, Canada
Conception R.P., Canada
Conifex Timber, Canada
Conservaton Forestry Partner, United States
Cook County Lumber, United States
CP, Canada
Creopack, Canada
CRIBE, Ontarion
Cushman Lumber, United States
Dakeryn, Canada
Damian Pietrzak, Poland
DETALIA Sp. z o.o., Poland
DGR, Canada
Diorio Forest Products, Canada
Direct Timber, Canada
DK-Spec, Canada
Do it Best, United States
DO2, Canada
Dunkley Lumber, Canada
Eacan Timber, Canada
Eacom Timber Corporation, Canada
Eastern Engineered Wood Products, United States
École de foresterie Duchesnay, Canada
Edgewood Forest Products/C&C Wood Products, Canada
Éloi Moisan, Canada
Embassy of Canada to Poland, Poland
EncoreFX, Canada
Environmental Ecosystems, Canada
Entreprise Kadda Amraoui, Algeria
Entreprise MB, Canada
Euler Hermes, Canada
Euroblock, Germany
ExoB2B, Canada
Export Development Canada (EDC), Canada
Falcon Lumber, Canada
Fasken Martineau, Canada
FCTG Structuresd Products, United States
FII, Canada
Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Canada
Fontaine, Canada
Fordaq, France
Forest Commodities Board, Canada
Forest Stewardship Council Canada, Canada
Forex, Canada
Forex Wood Group, Canada
Formabois, Canada
Fox Lumber Sales, United States
FPInnovations, Canada
FPUH Andrzej Droździel, Poland
FPUH Jawor Piotr Kolbe, Poland
GDS Group, Canada
GENQ, Canada
Gestion Forestière Abitibi, Canada
Gilbert, Canada
Global Affairs Canada, Canada
Goodfellow, Canada
Gougeon Insurance Brokers, Canada
Great Lakes Forest Products, United States
Greant Lakes Lumber & Pallet, United States
Great Northern Lumber, United States
Groupe Crête, Canada
Groupe KTG. Canada
Groupe Lebel, Canada
Groupe TYT, Canada
Guardian Systems, Canada
H.S Bartram (1984), Canada
Hampton Lumber Sales, United States
Hancock Lumber, United States
Hapa-Lloyd Canada, Canada
Hatton-Brown Publishers, United States
HEC, Canada
Hines Supply, United States
Home Hardware Stores, Canada
Horisol, Canada
Hornepayne Lumber, Canada
HUB International, Canada
Idaho Timber, United States
IDCAM, Canada
Industries P.F., Canada
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, Canada
Innovated Control Systems, Canada
Inotech, Canada
Intelligent Wood Systems, United Kingdom
Interfor, Canada
International Bar Coding, Canada
International Beams, Canada
International FCStone, United States
International Timber Trading, United States
International Wood Markets Group, Canada
Interpro Forest Products, Canada
InterWrap, Canada
J.D. Irving, Canada
Jahangir, Jeghir, Canada
JAMEC, Canada
Jiangsu Canio Wood Indsutry, China
Jim White Lumber, United States
Kadant Carmanah Design, Canada
Kebois, Canada
Kennebec Lumber, United States
Kenora Forest Products, Canada
Kent Building Suppliers, Canada
Khodeer Wood, Jordania
Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, Canada
Koch Pulp & Paper Trading, United States
Kuehne + Nagel, Canada
Kullik & Rullmann, United States
Kott, Canada
KP Wood, Canada
Kruger, Canada
Kuehne and Nagel, Canada
Lake Scugog Lumber, Canada
Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring, Canada
Lavern Heideman & Sons, Canada
LBC Capital/Banque Laurentienne, Canada
LBM Advantage, United States
Les bois Dany Bernier, Canada
Les bois d'oeuvre Beaudoin Gauthier, Canada
Les Bois de plancher PG, Canada
Les Bois du Fjord, Canada
Les entreprises Alain Michaud, division scierie, Canada
Les immeubles Saguenay, Canada
Liebherr-Canada, Canada
LINCK, Canada
Livingston International, Canada
Loadish, Canada
Lonza Wood Protection, Canada
Lou-Mac Transport, Canada
Lowe's Canada / Rona, Canada
LP Building Products, Canada
Lucydine, United States
Lulumco, Canada
Lumber Blue Book, United States
LumberXchange, United States
LumberTown, United States
Lumbermen Associates, United States
Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation, United States
Machinerie Tanguay, Canada
Madison Lumber Mill, United States
Magnatur Wood, Canada
Magnum Forest Products, Canada
Maibec, Canada
Manutention Québec, Canada
Mariotti Building Products, United States
Maritime Lumber Bureau, Canada
Marwood, Canada
Matériaux Blanchet, Canada
Matheus Lumbec, United States
Matson Lumber, United States
MEBEL ART Sp. z o.o., Poland
Metriguard, United States
Midgard Wood, Canada
Midway Lumber Mills, Canada
Millar Western, Canada
Ministère de l'Économie, de la Science et de l'Innovation, Canada
Mitsubishi Electric, Canada
Moulures Horizons & Strairs 2015, Canada
Mtl Link Multimodal Solutions, Canada
Muehlbock Drying Technologies, Canada
Murillo Millworks, Canada
NBS Global Services, Canada
National Bank, Canada
National Hardwood Lumber Association, United States
National Wood Flooring Association, United States
Natural Resources Canada, Canada
Natural Trade, Canada
Naturalia Economic Development, Canada
New Future Lumber, Canada
NHLA, Canada
Nicholson and Cates, Canada
Nicholson Manufacturing, Canada
Nordic Structures, Canada
Norlfolk Southern, United States
North American Forest Product, Canada
North American Wholesale Lumber Association, United States
Norwood Industries, United Sates
Novilco, Canada
NVR, United States
Nyle Systems, United States
O2 Aviation Services, Canada
Olympic Industries, Canada
Ontario Forest Industries Association, Canada
Ontario Lumber Manufacturers Agency, Canada
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Canada
Opérations forestières et de scierie, Canada
Opnor, Canada
Owl Distribution, Canada
Paged S.A., Poland
Paged Sklejka, Poland
Pan AmRailways, United States
Paul Vallée, Canada
PHL, Canada
Phoenix Forest Products, Canada
Piché, Canada
PLC-USA / FinScan, United States
Pleasant River Lumber, United States
Polish Economic Chamber of the Wood Industry, Poland
Pollmeier Polska, Poland
Port de Montréal, Canada
Port of Belledune, Canada
Poulin Lumber-US LBM, United States
Praslas, Lithuania
Prendville Industries, Canada
Preverco Sawmill Division, Canada
PriceWaterhouseCooper, Canada
Produits forestiers Arbec, Canada
Produits forestiers DG, Canada
Produits forestiers Lamco, Canada
Produits forestiers Petit-Paris, Canada
Produits forestiers Saint-Amable, Canada
Produits forestiers Tabula, Canada
Produits forestiers Temrex, Canada
Prolam, Canada
PT Limas Tunggal, Indonesia
PTT Consulting and Trading Corporation, Canada
Qingdao Sapu Trading, China
Quebec Forest Industry Council, Canada
Quebec Office in Beijing, Canadian Embassy, China
Quebec Wood Export Bureau, Canada
Rainforest Alliance, Canada
REA Electronik Canada, Canada
Rembos, Canada
René Bernard, Canada
RESAM, Canada
Resolute Forest Products, Canada
Ressource Lumber, Canada
RSI Logistics, United States
S. Huot, Canada
Saify Commercial Establishment, Pakistan
Samuel Packaging Systems, Canada
San Group, Canada
Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership (STEP), Canada
Sawquip Internationa, Canada
SBrothers, Pakistan
Scieries Chaleur, Canada
Scierie Dion & Fils, Canada
Scierie Duhamel, Canada
Scierie Landrienne, Canada
Scierie Lauzé, Canada
Scierie Tech, Canada
Scierie West Brome, Canada
Scott Forest Products, Canada
Seabord International Forest Products, United States
Séchoirs à bois St-Roch, Canada
Séchoir Mec, Canada
Secovac International, Canada
Service Express et les Courtiers en transport GMR, Canada
Services Milltech, Canada
SFI, Canada
Sherwood Lumber, United States
Shergill Homes, Canada
Signode, Canada
Sinclar Group Forest Products, Canada
Sitka Forest Products, United States
Skana Forest Products, Canada
SMAM Global Service, Canada
Soanbert, Canada
Sodra Polska Sp. z o.o., Poland
Spencer, Canada
SPF Pecut Lumber, Canada
Spruce Top Lumber Sales, Canada
Spruceland Millworks, Canada
Standard Supply & Lumber, United States
Statistics Canada, Canada
Stella-Jones, Canada
Still River Lumber, United States
Taiga Building Products, Canada
Tall Tree Lumber, Canada
Tampa International Forest Products, United States
Tarpin Lumber, Canada
"Tartak Olczyk" Ludwik Olczyk, Poland
Taurus Craco/Brookhuis America, Canada
Tembec, Canada
The Magnes Group, Canada
The Softwood Forest Buyer, United States
Thomas Bellemare, Canada
Tianjin Ant Science and Technology Development, China
Tianjin Dong Fang Hong Ye Wood Products, China
Tianjin FreePort Trade Zone Long Da Xu International Trade, Chaina
Tianjin Furniture Association, China
Tianjin Guant Yu Industry and Trade, China
Tianjin Jia Lei Estate Development, China
Tianjin Man Fang International Trade, China
Tianjin Shi He Commerce, China
Tianjin TEDA Long Wang Da Construction Material Sales, China
Tianjin TFETPA International Exhibition, China
Tianjin Yubianguoajian Technology, China
Timber Experts, Canada
Timber Mart, Canada
Timberline Forest Products, United States
TLB Forest PRoducts, Canada
Tolko Marketing and Sales, Canada
Total Pallet Solutions, Canada
Tradelanes, United States
Tradelink Wood Products, Canada
Transformation de bois CBV, Canada
TransGlobe Losgistiques, Canada
Transport Luc Ouimet, Canada
Tri-State Forest Products, United States
Triad Forest Products, Canada
Tulnoy Lumber, United States
Universal Forest Products, United States
University of British Columbia, Canada
US LBM, United States
USNR, United States
VAB Solutions, Canada
Vallée, Canada
Valport Maritime Services, Canada
Valutec Wood Dryers, Canada
Vanport, Canada
Velcan Forest Products, Canada
Vexco, Canada
Viessmann Mnaufacturing Company, Canada
Viking Forest Products, United States
VL Saws, Poland
Wallace Hadware Compagny, United States
Well Tech Scaffolding Ind., United Arab Emirates
Wellons FEI, Canada
West Fraser, Canada
Western Forest Products, Canada
Western Lumber, United States
Westline Capital Strategies, United States
Weston Forest, Canada
White River Forest Products, Canada
WITAL Kolenkiewicz, Uździlo Sp.J., Poland
WJ Jones, Canada
Wood Products Industries, Canada
Woodbrowser, United States
xJeso, Canada
Zeeland Lumber and Supply, United States



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