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  Paul Quinn is RBC's Paper & Forest Products analyst since 2008. Based in Vancouver, Canada, he also has responsibility for expanding coverage of the U.S. forestry sector in addition to his Canadian-focused coverage. Paul brings with him an extensive background in the forestry industry, including positions with MacMillan Bloedel and Weyerhaeuser. Prior to joining RBC Capital Markets, he covered the paper and forest products sector as well as being Assistant Director of Research at Salman Partners. In 2010, 2011 and 2012, he was named the No. 2 ranked Paper & Forest Products analyst in the Brendan Wood survey. In the StarMine awards, Paul has been cited for stock picking and estimates accuracy over the years, most recently ranking No. 1 in earnings accuracy for the Canadian sector in the 2012 awards and No. 3 for the U.S. sector. 
  Francois Robichaud is Partner at Forest Economic Advisors, a leading firm in market analysis and economic forecasting for the forest products industry. He is responsible for market intelligence services, which he delivers through surveys and customized market research. He currently co-authors a major study on the next decade for lumber and building materials distribution and the future of building systems in North-America. Prior to joining FEA., he spent 17 years with FPInnovations as a senior researcher and then research leader in forest products marketing. Through this affiliation, he published several studies on the industrialisation of residential construction, on markets for structural wood products, and on wood use in nonresidential and multifamily construction. Francois holds a Ph.D. in forest products marketing from UBC, a Master’s degree in forest economics and an undergraduate degree in forest management from Laval.
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